Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Unforgetbale Tour of my Life.

 “Hitler” says “No Risk No Life”. As follow that quotation I arrange a tour in Pakistan to visit Himalayas range to see its beauty. Our guide says due to snow fall and bad weather we have to cancel our trip but my friends told me We have travel from Dubai, We couldn’t cancel our trip. At last our guide decides to lead us. 

As all know Himalayas range is slept into three or four countries, our main objective is to see this region beauty and capture some photo of snow leopard. Our trekking trip is finalized with affordable packages. One night we spent in Balti fort and considered to be 800 years old. We surprised to see that even in 21st century , this hotel maintain their tradition having no electricity, bed made from stones and other things which We saw, I think it will be 200 years old.

Next day we left for Sakrdu to see cold desert. As I mention, “I hate snakes “; but in cold desert I couldn’t saw any snake. That moment is considered to be the happiest moment of my life. In cold desert we saw Makrhor, national animal of Pakistan and that’s our second day end. From there we traveled by jeeps to Altit fort. Another surprised moment to hear that this fort is 1200 years old.
On next morning snow fall again start and we wait there for 3 days but we have to cancel our trip. But we all happy to explores Pakistan, see trekking places and may be next month again we arrange a tours in Pakistan.

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