Thursday, 27 December 2012

Footsteps of Alexander

Nature has its own beauty. We saw somewhere in desert, Jungles or somewhere in hills full of snow. Today due to global warming nature lost his beauty. But there are some places where nature remains from thousands of years.  As in Himalaya region, the world largest peaks are there and most interesting place called “Kelash” is considered to be the generation of Alexander The Great.

We decided a plan for trekking in Pakistan to follow the footsteps of this great and historic man. I am surprised, when we visit Kelash; there are people following old traditions. As Muslims and other regions they didn’t pray for one God but status made from wood is considered to be there gods. It’s the era of new generation, new technology and new world order but Kelash people are nature and tradition loving people.

An old man from a village said “When Alexander came this place his army inspired by Kelash beauty, so they decide to stay there. Some of their army decides to stay while other marched. So we are the generation of those who stay there”.

I don’t know it’s true or not but after seeing their tradition I have no choice to say “Yes it’s true”. Once in a year Kelash people gathering for feast and dancing and singing. The young one selects their life partners there. It was first time for me to saw this.

Today I thanks to our tours in Pakistan guide who visited us and enjoy our trekking in Pakistan tours. But we missed our trekking trip to Himalayas due to my illness. May be next year we will visit again.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Unforgetbale Tour of my Life.

 “Hitler” says “No Risk No Life”. As follow that quotation I arrange a tour in Pakistan to visit Himalayas range to see its beauty. Our guide says due to snow fall and bad weather we have to cancel our trip but my friends told me We have travel from Dubai, We couldn’t cancel our trip. At last our guide decides to lead us. 

As all know Himalayas range is slept into three or four countries, our main objective is to see this region beauty and capture some photo of snow leopard. Our trekking trip is finalized with affordable packages. One night we spent in Balti fort and considered to be 800 years old. We surprised to see that even in 21st century , this hotel maintain their tradition having no electricity, bed made from stones and other things which We saw, I think it will be 200 years old.

Next day we left for Sakrdu to see cold desert. As I mention, “I hate snakes “; but in cold desert I couldn’t saw any snake. That moment is considered to be the happiest moment of my life. In cold desert we saw Makrhor, national animal of Pakistan and that’s our second day end. From there we traveled by jeeps to Altit fort. Another surprised moment to hear that this fort is 1200 years old.
On next morning snow fall again start and we wait there for 3 days but we have to cancel our trip. But we all happy to explores Pakistan, see trekking places and may be next month again we arrange a tours in Pakistan.

Friday, 14 December 2012

800 Year OLD Balti Fort

In culture tours of Pakistan the following places are considered to be most important is Balti fort.

In the past several small independent states formed part of the history of the Northern Areas of Pakistan. Among them Hunza and Nager were traditional rival states, situated on opposite sides of the Hunza (Kanjut) river. The rulers of these two states, Mirs known as Thum (also Tham, Thom or Thámo), built various strongholds to consolidate their power. According to historical sources,the Hunza rulers initially resided in nearby Altit Fort, but after a conflict between the two sons of the ruler Sultan, Shah Abbas (Shάboos) and Ali Khan (Aliqhάn), Shaboos moved to Baltit Fort, making it the capital seat of Hunza. The power struggle between the two brothers eventually resulted in the death of younger one, and so Baltit Fort became the prime seat of power in the Hunza state.


How to reach there?

Hunza is just 100 KM drive from Gilgit, and most people arrive by road and it takes almost 2 – 3 Hours to reach Hunza from Gilgit. The main bus stand is on the KKH Aliabad. There are booking agents in town for long distance buses & jeeps along the KKH. The journey from Islamabad can take as long as 24 hours.
From Kashgar (China) there is a regular bus service to Hunza via Sost crossing over the Khunjerab Pass (about 5000 meter high). Across river Hunza at Sost, there is a village called Khuda Abad. People usually do not stop at Khunjerab Pass, they just carry on their journey to Sost with the bus. From Sost, you can do a number of activities around like trekking in the valleys, or drive to Hunza-Karimabad (2 hours), where the Baltit Fort is standing. The Khunjerab Pass is open from May 1st to Dec 30th, but closed in winter.

 Our team is ready to provide a safe journey to Balti fort and other trekking in Pakistan services.


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Lost City Of Ancient World

Many historic cities are destroyed and became eliminate from screen; when there remains found, we named them Lost City. Asia is considered a main highway on which all famous rulers pass through India and Arab Countries. A City named in Sanskrit Takshashila is now became TAXILA. This name is originated from Takila (Ancient God) and now located 35(km) away from Rawalpindi (Pakistan).  

The site includes numerous related buildings, fortifications, settlements and monasteries, and shows architectural influences for the length of its role as a Buddhist training center, between the 5th century BC through the 2nd century AD. The capital was conquered by several groups, including Alexander the Great in the 4th century BC and destroyed by Huns. Taxila is known from references in Indian and Greco-Roman literary sources and from the accounts of two Chinese Buddhist pilgrims, Faxian and Xuanzang. Literally meaning “City of Cut Stone” or “Rock of Taksha,” Takshashila (rendered by Greek writers as Taxila) was founded, according to the Indian epic Ramayana, by Bharata, younger brother of Rama, an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu. The city was named for Bharata’s son Taksha, its first ruler. 

The great Indian epic Mahabharata was, according to tradition, first recited at Taxila at the great snake sacrifice of King Janamejaya, one of the heroes of the story. Buddhist mention it as Center of Gandhara during rule of King Darius I. 

The structural remains at Taxila include the Bhir mound area, the palace area at Sirkap, the Jandial and Pippala temples, the Giri fortress, the Mohra Moradu and Jaulian monasteries, and the Dharmarajika, Bhallar, and Kunala stupas (burial mounds). 

This ancient city remains stand like a Hero and wants to say come and see me; I am the mother of nations. Many visitors came for trekking in Pakistan must visit this place.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Pakistan Beauty

Nature has its own beauty, Nature attracts you where you are and people gain pleasure while visiting and capture the long lasting beauty of nature. Often we say we are son of soil but we are too busy in our daily life and forget that nature calls us to visit, to see how beautiful this earth. On our earth there are desserts, oceans, mountains, greenery and jungles.

Pakistan is considering Switzerland of Asia due to its beauty. It’s like a heave on earth; having K2, the second highest mountain on earth. Its culture history is considered to be oldest and still this culture is live safely in Pakistan without any changes. It’s a fact that tourist companies gives you safe and provide route to these historic places.

Tour to an unknown country is difficult because you may face some issues as language issue and unaware most of the places, get services from tourism companies and enjoy your adventure and discover how beautiful this land.