Thursday, 27 December 2012

Footsteps of Alexander

Nature has its own beauty. We saw somewhere in desert, Jungles or somewhere in hills full of snow. Today due to global warming nature lost his beauty. But there are some places where nature remains from thousands of years.  As in Himalaya region, the world largest peaks are there and most interesting place called “Kelash” is considered to be the generation of Alexander The Great.

We decided a plan for trekking in Pakistan to follow the footsteps of this great and historic man. I am surprised, when we visit Kelash; there are people following old traditions. As Muslims and other regions they didn’t pray for one God but status made from wood is considered to be there gods. It’s the era of new generation, new technology and new world order but Kelash people are nature and tradition loving people.

An old man from a village said “When Alexander came this place his army inspired by Kelash beauty, so they decide to stay there. Some of their army decides to stay while other marched. So we are the generation of those who stay there”.

I don’t know it’s true or not but after seeing their tradition I have no choice to say “Yes it’s true”. Once in a year Kelash people gathering for feast and dancing and singing. The young one selects their life partners there. It was first time for me to saw this.

Today I thanks to our tours in Pakistan guide who visited us and enjoy our trekking in Pakistan tours. But we missed our trekking trip to Himalayas due to my illness. May be next year we will visit again.

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